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I’m Kerri Johnson. I founded Kerri Johnson Ministries in 2015, after having resigned from a full-time pastoral position. But for the most part, I have been in the Inner Healing ministry for 25 years.

In 2016, the Lord began to bring a team together with different gifts/talents who all had a passion for healing. Since then, I have set my heart to full-time training and healing ministry. The ministry has grown strong and deep in the past few years.

If this is your passion, we have several different venues that may be of interest to you:


* Healing retreats. We would love to have you join us for our next retreat.


*Inner healing ministry sessions and intensives for individuals, couples, and families. Available locally and by Skype.

THE JOURNEY (A tribe for healing, mentoring, and training)

* A month-to-month internship of training called “The Journey” with all generations of folks from all over the USA who have a heart for healing. We meet together monthly for training live – in person for locals and via Zoom for “afars” with podcast playback depending on time zone.

* The Journey also includes prayer ministry sessions with differing team members (based on experience – some folks have been on the team for years and lots of newbies who are just getting started) to work on inner healing, deliverance, and all aspects of prayer ministry. It’s a great time for the “Oldies” to train the “Newbies” and the newbies to stir the old ones into more healing. This team (and others from inner healing circles all over the USA) are the ones who minister during our healing retreats.

* Once a month “activation” field trip where we go out and practice what we have learned or study other interesting aspects of healing: monastery for a silent retreat, conferences, prophetic ministry, dream interpretations, prophetic art and creativity, land consecration, etc.

* Writer/Publisher/Editor on our staff who (having ghostwritten, written, or edited 38 books herself) prompts/teaches us to write testimonies, blogs, etc. on topics such as prophetic art, dream interpretation, healing relationships to authority, grief, freedom from homosexuality, trauma healing, moving prophetically in art and photography, moving from left brain to right brain, prenatal healing, deliverance, release from captivity, etc. She, alongside  several others of us have several books in the editing process right now. We also write our own material for our retreats and seminars. It’s pretty amazing to see your testimony in print and available for others to hold onto for healing and a privilege for us to scribe what God has done and is doing.


* Inner healing classes, seminars, training.

* Ongoing classes: grief support classes, prayer classes, writing classes, finance classes, Bible classes, beginning biblical Hebrew and Greek classes, as well as other seminars, classes, and training available through Transformations.

* View our full course catalog.


* Weekly jail ministry opportunities.

* Starbucks prayer gatherings.

These are just a few of the things we have going and growing but always open to more as the Lord leads. More than anything else, it’s a great tribe with a strong foundation in healing and the Word seeking to live a contemplative lifestyle in Peace while discovering the fullness of our Identity in Christ.

Anywhoooo … that’s who we are and a little bit about what we do and are doing.

If any of this sounds appealing just let me know and we can connect!

God bless you and your journey!


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