What I Wish I Had Known about Yoga

A guest post by Susan McPherson . . .

Several years ago, my head began shaking. When I would look down to read something, it was more pronounced. My children, family, and friends gradually began commenting, so it was getting more noticeable.

I went to a prayer ministry session during this time, and the minister saw a snake (spiritually) circling up my spine. The prayer minister knew that yoga could cause this, resulting in nervous system disorders and worse. I had been doing yoga for about two years. My situation had only gotten to head shaking. I repented of it (never to do yoga again!) and closed doors, and my head stopped shaking. So that’s how I know firsthand how dangerous this is.

I did another kundalini renunciation (the occult spirit behind yoga) recently with a group at a retreat on behalf of my family – my generations. My cousin was there at the retreat and did the renunciation also for herself and her family. My cousin and I had the opportunity to stand together in repentance and prayer for our generational line.

You may be asking, “What about Christian yoga?” During the two years I was doing yoga, I thought I was covered by praying to Jesus while the instructor and others in the class would do meditation. I thought as long as I focused on Jesus and prayed and meditated on Him, there should not be any problem.

What I didn’t realize was that the yoga poses aligned me with the kundalini (occult) spirit. I was doing the yoga, loving it, and thought I was getting good benefits from it. I didn’t realize doing yoga was the whole reason my head was shaking. It was greatly affecting my neurological system, and I believe it would have gotten worse.

I just wanted to share about this so you could know the dangers of yoga and that it cannot be Christianized.


Susan McPherson is a mother of seven and blessed with many beautiful grandchildren. After raising her children on a farm, she and her husband have moved to the mountains, where they are enjoying rest.

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